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by Darla on September 14, 2010

Welcome to my website. I am so excited to be here. Please allow me to start with a bit about what I do and how I got here.

First I would like to thank my wonderful husband/geek Doyle Calvert of DigitalDoyle for his expertise in WordPress. Doyle worked with me to make my design a reality in website form. Also for his many years of support and all the great times we have had together.

I have been involved in the creative arts in one way or another from a very early age. Sketching, photography, painting. I have painted everything from figurines to walls. My love of photography prompted me to dive into Adobe Photoshop many years ago. Photoshop is great for graphics as well as photography so… well lets just say I was hooked.

Along with Photoshop I use Corel Painter to produce digital oil and watercolor paintings. These paintings can be printed on canvas or water color paper for display in home or office.

Then there is my long time love for old photographs – you know the ones that need a little (sometimes a lot) of TLC. I can’t help but wonder who these people were and where they came from. I very much enjoy bringing these photographs back to life through my photo restoration.

This website showcases some of my works including Photography, Photo Restoration and Digital Photo Painting. In the future I hope to post short articles on how this work is done, before and after photos, and a maybe a story or two about the people in the historical photo restorations.

You will find examples in the Portfolio section above. Click on any of the thumbnails throughout the site to enlarge the photos. Please enjoy.

Photo of Darla at the Grand Canyon around age 5. Trying very hard to take over her Father’s new movie camera.

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1 Kimberly September 25, 2010 at 9:31 pm

I love the photo of you at the Grand Canyon. Your work is really good Darla. I know who to get in touch with when I need my historical photos retouched. Great work!


2 Darla September 25, 2010 at 11:51 pm

I love that photo too Kimberly. I barely remember being at the Grand Canyon, but actually have that camera today. Drop by anytime.


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