Restoring Vintage Photos for Display

by Darla on December 2, 2010

Why should I display restored photos instead of the vintage originals? The technology behind your vintage photo isn’t at all what we have today. Papers and ink from days gone by deteriorate quickly. If you store your vintage photos in archival safe albums in a dark dry environment, the fading process will slow and they should last a lot longer.

Vintage photos can be restored to like new condition. Or if you prefer the vintage look of your photo it could be enhanced, repaired if needed, and the original sepia color will remain. If you like you could also have your restored photo printed on canvas and even digitally painted.

At the very least have your vintage photos scanned and put on a hard drive or DVD before they fade completely.


Example of a painting done in 1780, restored and digitally painted.  Click here for more examples of photo restoration.

How To Order

More Photo Restoration

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