Grandma’s Trunk-Part 2

by Darla on September 18, 2010

Grandma and her Mother, Mary Ann, were very close. They lived next door to each other for most of their adult lives. When Grandma’s Father died her parents house was sold and Mary Ann lived with Grandma in her little house.

Grandma’s Mother and Father were married Thanksgiving day November 23, 1887. Grandma was married to her first husband Frank (my Great Grandfather) on November 23, 1913. This wasn’t on Thanksgiving day, but the date was the same. Grandma’s Brother was married on Nov 23 in a different year as well. Maybe they felt it was a magical day as their parents had such a close relationship, and perhaps they would share the same joy.

Here is an excerpt from the towns newspaper describing Grandma’s wedding in 1913 that took place in her parents house.

"The words which made the two young people man and wife were said by Rev. Khneer, who twenty six years ago, performed the same service for the bride’s parents.

The house was beautifully decorated in ferns, carnations and roses, and the bridal party stood under an archway of ferns and roses. After the ceremony an elegant three-course dinner was served to the guests.

The bride looked lovely in her satin gown trimmed in lace and miniature brilliants. The bridal veil was caught up with tiny rose buds and she carried a shower bouquet of beautiful roses on her arm. The maid of honor, who is the brides sister, wore pink silk, trimmed in net and carried pink roses. Her only jewels were a strand of pink pearls presented by the bride."

It sounds like Grandma had a fairy tale wedding day. Grandma wrote in her journal that she fell in love with Grandpa the first time she saw him. She referred to him as her sweetheart long after they had parted ways. The purple iris that Grandpa gave Grandma many years ago still bloom every year on the  east side of her little house.  I have quite a few in my yard as well,  and the iris was the inspiration behind the painting you see to the left on this website.

Click on photo to enlarge. Grandma’s fully restored 1913 wedding portrait.

Click on photo to enlarge. Here is a snapshot of her dress as it is today. Her veil and shoes were not salvageable, but her dress is in excellent condition for a garment of over 100 years.

Click on photo to enlarge. Restored photo of Grandma’s parents 1887 wedding portrait.

To see Before and after restoration examples CLICK HERE.

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“Good Night Dear Friends Wherever You Are Tonight”

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